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Adeus AUDIOFIDELITY Hornloudspeakers: The company was founded in 2014 in Passau, Germany, as an innovative manufacturer of high end acoustic systems. The Adeus AUDIOFIDELITY Hornloudspeakers are extraordinary in their adaptability, combining state-of-the-art technology with classic craftsmanship. Unlike the serial production lines of many competitors, the manufacture of Adeus is bespoke.

Flexibility in production is maintained to allow for the incorporation of the individual design wishes of the customer in terms of material and color. The development partners of the technical components are located in Germany. Indeed, “High End Acoustic Systems – Handcrafted in Germany” is a clear statement pertaining to the finished product standard which is the backbone of the Adeus Company DNA.

Meet the inventor of Adeus AUDIOFIDELITY:


Dr. Dirk Uffelmann is the founder, Dr. Dirk Uffelmann is the founder, owner and developer of Adeus AUDIOFIDELITY. A physicist by training, Dirk was a senior developer for many years in the NASA Spacelab Program and other high-tech product manufacturing operations. His experience in analog and digital signal processing, material science, design theory, and acoustics form the technical foundation of the Adeus product range.

Furthermore, his enthusiasm for music and the reproduction of natural and authentic sound was instigated in his early years and has continued to drive his entrepreneurial success in this niche market to date. It is therefore not surprising that the manufacturing achievement of Adeus acoustic systems is founded on 100% expert-engineering and 0% “high-end voodoo”.

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Adeus Elysium SL

Adeus Elysium S

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